‘Home at Last’ is an ongoing program providing support to children and families separated by the proliferation of orphanages in Uganda. Through this program, children and families have been reunited following long periods of institutionalization of their children in orphanages and children’s homes. This program is a product of the belief that children should grow up in a nurturing, supportive, and loving environment and that families are the first choice, and more often the best, care providers of this environment.

Home at Last is an initiative that encourages a change in narrative – where orphanages in Uganda (and across the developing world) are understood as a last choice solution rather than a first choice solution for vulnerable and even orphaned children. Using the alternative care framework to identify the best care options available to children, a child’s well-being remains central to any care decision.

In addition to the intensive nature of the social work involved, BULA maintains steady support to the supported adolescents’ education. While being ‘home at last’ with families is indeed the best solution for their safety, stability, comfort, and emotional care, in practice, families cannot always provide the resources that the orphanages could. Most especially, families frequently lack the resources to put their kids through the expensive education system in Uganda. As such, BULA continues to put these youths through school, filling the resource vacuum that encouraged the institutionalization of the children in the first place.

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